Tips To Keep Skin Healthy

A healthy skin matters just the same as healthy mind and body. The skin accounts for about 16% of the body weight and serves as the largest organ in your body. Another important fact about the skin is it acts as the first line of defense protecting the internal organs of the body.

However, as you age, the skin changes due to the effects of pollutants and chemicals in your body. But even though it naturally happens, there are different ways to slow down aging and to keep your skin healthy.

Here are some of the tips that experts have proven effective:

Switch Moisturizers

Moisturizers help in preventing and treating dry skin. If you have a sensitive skin, it also serves as a protection.

Some people have a wrong belief that moisturizers are not good for oily skin. However, it’s not the case. People with oily skin still need to moisturize because moisturizer prevents premature aging of the skin.

However, you must have two kinds of moisturizer. These two types depending on the season. For warm season, you must wear the lighter type of moisturizer. For a colder season, you must use a heavier moisturizer.

Note: Before you moisturize, ensure that you wash your face to remove excess oil and dirt on your skin.

Wear SPF 30 Everyday

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you must use SPF 30 daily. It’s important to use especially if you’re staying outdoors most of the time. It protects your skin from the damaging UV rays. It also protects you from acquiring skin cancer.

In case you’re not aware, sun exposure can lead to dark spots. It happens when your skin produces melanin to avoid the skin from being burned. Most of the time, you get the tan color after sun exposure. However, the real scenario that’s happening underneath your skin is that it starts to get damaged. Apart from skin damage, you’ll also experience dark spots on your skin.

Treat Uneven Skin

It’s not enough that you know how to protect your skin. You must also take into consideration its treatment especially when it gets irritated.

But you must not ignore dark spots too because it’s a lot healthier if you don’t have an uneven skin. There are some home remedies for dark spots on face that can work well. This vitamin comes in two forms such as retinoic acid and retinol. You get the former with your dermatologist’s prescription, while you can get buy the latter over the counter.

However, when you use the retinoic acid, expect to have flaky skin and to experience slight irritation. If you want a milder effect on your skin, use the retinol instead. You can also use skin-lightening products to remove hyperpigmentation. For effective results, ensure that the product has a niacinamide content. Take note that it’s better to use the product every night so it can work effectively. These products are readily available at your local drugstore.

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